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This will surely cause the wiring to run hotter than desired and may actually cause a fire on board in the worst case. Visit our brokerage site In some cases you may not get a choice depending on the type of boat you’ve found and where it’s being advertised. The RYA’s standard contract the “Agreement for the sale and purchase of a second hand boat” may be used in international sales but as its jurisdiction is limited to England and Wales, the other party (who will usually be a foreign national) will need to expressly agree to be bound by UK law. Amperage ratings are typically 16, 32, or 64. If the boat was built in the ‘80s for example, you’re less likely to find dual-frequency appliances. Higher voltage means you can design using smaller gauge wire to distribute power throughout the boat. The general rule most follow is to buy the barge in The Netherlands or … If wired for European 230-volt, 16- or 32-amp service, wiring will in all probability be too small to run at 120-volt 30- to 50-amp service. Another thing to do is visit the broker’s website and see how they’re advertising their boats. In this article, I have highlighted some of the general legal and tax considerations that need to be considered by anyone buying a yacht that will be sailed/used fully or partially in the Med. EUR 119.000,-Basis for Negotiation / EU taxes paid. My parents moved onto a boat a few years ago, so we were familiar with boat life, a little,” says Maria. When buying a yacht, the choice of yacht flags is one of the most important decisions you have to make because it can have a direct effect on your privacy, taxes, and your exposure to liability. The conversion bow allows you to convert it from a fishing boat to a ski/tow boat in a matter of seconds, and the all-welded aluminum hull offers unmatched durability and strength on the water to go where other boats can’t. Here's what you need to know about the VAT, which can add 20 percent... Nate Cantalupo takes at look at the best unique yacht concepts of 2020. Sailing Boats For Sale: Buy a Sailing Boat from the Yachts For Sale on! New and used boats for purchasing. It is a tax on what is referred to as consumption and is levied by the government of each member state. The majority of brokers should be able to provide this service for you but, if not, make sure you get your contract translated before you sign anything. Explore the finest selection of luxury yachts for sale. Europe-- The Mediterranean is a spectacular boating destination. Location is the key The Mediterranean covers a vast area, with different regions having widely varied local geography and culture. What you should know before buying your new boat in Europe and importing into North America. If the vessel is not VAT paid, you may want to consider paying the VAT on the boat post sale, however seek advice on this before doing so as the rules are different depending on where in Europe the vessel is being purchased. Here you can find your dream sailing yacht. New and used sailboats and sailing yachts for sale in Europe and worldwide. There is more risk involved with a private sale, as anybody can sell a boat and you’ve no way of knowing if they’re reputable. Do you want to buy a sailboat in your country? Partnerships; News., 1221 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida 33131, USA, Buying a Boat in Europe? Making an application to pay the VAT in the UK can be straight forward, but in Europe the law is VAT is may be payable in the first port of entry, so seek advice if this is something you are thinking about doing. Another less extreme example that I’ve seen time and time again are European shore-power cords, engineered to work with the 230-volt 16 or 32-amp service used in Europe, being used here in the U.S. for the 120-volt 30 or 50-amp service. One issue that Ward did bring up was that the European boats are equipped originally with shore-power AC system circuit breakers that are all double-pole, whereas in the U.S. we require a double-pole breaker only on the AC main; everything downstream of the main breaker can then be single-pole. The MYBA standard contracts are internationally well known. One important thing to ask for at this stage when purchasing a boat abroad is to have your contract translated into English and for it to be governed by English law in case a dispute arises. Boats built for use in Europe require careful conversion for safe and successful use with North American electrical supplies. The 120-volt service outlets can be added, and as long as they are equipped with appropriately sized over-current protection at the panel, the original wiring can be used because the typical use is with low current-draw appliances like cell phone and iPad chargers. The good news here is that as the economy becomes increasingly global, more and more appliances are being designed that can run at multiple voltage levels as well as either frequency. “Living on a boat seemed very adventurous and different. That said, for things like hair dryers and any appliances with heating elements in them, the current draws may be such that the original wiring may indeed be too small a gauge size to accommodate the unexpected amperage. Essential engine checks: Handy tips to make the job easier, Marine fuel saving tips: Save money and make your boat go further in eight easy steps, Guide to buying your first boat: Tips and advice from brokers and first time buyers, Ocean cruising experts share their sailing knowledge. But this is where the vintage becomes important. Equipment replacement costs could easily add tens of thousands of dollars to that. What it will cost you depends on many factors, such as the age of the vessel and the installed systems and appliances, and you are going to need an expert in these sorts of conversions to inspect the boat and provide an estimate. We explain how to go about finding a reputable seller and what to expect during the buying process. Survey. European shore power systems generally run at 230 volts and 50 Hz frequency. All of this applies to things like battery chargers, inverters, galley appliances, televisions, and audio equipment. This may seem counterintuitive, but can be explained this way: If you increase the voltage, you can lower the current requirements to achieve the same wattage (power). - for all boat … The first thing to check is that all of the electrical appliances on board have the ability to run at either 50 or 60 Hz and voltages ranging from 100 to 240. 0 shares. More and more Americans moving to Europe are buying barges rather than apartments or homes, and a few are supplementing their income by taking on paying passengers a few weeks each year. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on LinkedIn; Tags. There are situations in which a boat that appears to have appropriate paperwork may not in fact be VAT paid. We explain how to go about finding a reputable seller and what to expect during the buying process. These units are not inexpensive, however—12 KVA units or the rough equivalent to U.S. 50-amp service sell for just over $18,000 plus installation, while 24 KVA units equivalent to 100-amp service sell for $36,000. As a consequence VAT is chargeable on boats imported into the EU and on boats purchased and owned by residents of the EU who are using their boat within the EU. YachtWorld contains the largest photo and video database of boats for sale. Plus we have cruisers from individual owners across Europe. And when it comes to deposits, you want to feel confident about who you’re handing your money over to, as solicitor and founder of YachtingLawyers Hannah Cash explains. Are brokers using other well-known international websites such as YBW or Yachting Monthly. Please note that this article does not constitute legal advice. Boats with a fair price and in a good condition in the boat market Yachtall. In case the boat is placed in a UE-Country and it is not subject to registration, then the purchase will be very easy, thanks to the European principle of free circulation of goods. If you can’t find genuine examples of these then it should ring a few alarm bells. In some cases you may not get a choice depending on the type of boat you’ve found and where it’s being advertised. A new 12KW Northern Lights Marine generator is going to cost roughly $13,000, and that doesn’t include installation. According to Ward, many customers will address this by adding U.S. convenience outlets strategically around the vessel and providing a smaller separate AC panel and new service to the boat that is dedicated to the new receptacles. You can contact the owner of the used boat directly.You are in the Used boats for sale in Europe in Other countries section. So, major rewiring cost will have to be factored in. According to Nobel, his company has a strict policy on these conversions: They simply won’t do them. Roughly 80 percent of the world runs at the higher voltage and at 50 cycles (Hz). There’s a lot to consider when buying a boat in Europe. One of the ways to find a reputable broker in Europe is to use is a member of the Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association (MYBA), similar to the British Marine Federation (BMF) in the UK. There are different things to consider with private or commercial sales in order to make sure you’re covering all the necessary points and avoid common pitfalls. In terms of labor time, the range is pretty broad depending upon the size of the boat and whether or not major rewiring is needed, but labor costs ranged from a low of $4,200 to a high of about $16,000. Obviously the numbers vary significantly depending upon some of the factors discussed here, but he felt that somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000 was fairly typical. If they are not dual-frequency and multi-voltage, you must replace them. They are DINKies (double income, no kids), have a dog, fully admit how much work they put into their boat, but none-the-less love life on board. If buying new, the purchasing option can be much like buying a Volvo or BMW and driving it around Europe for a while before shipping it home. Boats for sale - houseboats in Europe. Pitfalls of buying your new boat in Europe. The moment it becomes stressful and you feel unsure about the purchase, that is the time to proceed with caution and seek legal advice.“. You will find more than 33,500 used boats for sale here: use the search filter to find used motor boats, sailing boats, catamarans, rafts and used yachts. It turns out this issue is more of a concern on smaller boats, say under 50 feet in length, that would typically use only 120-volt service in the US. The original equipment appliances that use the European receptacles can still be used as long as they are of the dual-frequency and 100 to 240-volt global variety, or if the boat has shore-power converting equipment installed that can adjust frequency and voltage. Buying a boat in the Med can be a very affordable option. Used Boat; Year Built 1997 The Boat Buyers Guide from BoatUS is designed to make it easier for you to buy a boat by explaining the sometimes-confusing process and pointing out the areas that can trip up a buyer. “But I would never have thought of a boat before Maria suggested it. In the case of the on-board electrics, make sure your surveyor checks the items mentioned here before you agree on a final purchase price. There are so many factors in favour of buying a boat in the Med, but don’t allow idyllic images to overshadow important practical considerations. Buying a boat in Europe. Isobel Smith; 29.05.2015. Motors are both voltage and frequency sensitive. Make sure the owner declares in the contract that they are the legal and beneficial owner, and have the right to sell the boat, which is free from any debts and encumbrances of any kind. Ideally you want to see proof of VAT by way of original receipted invoice from the manufacturer or first owner. YachtWorld talks to new boat owner Anton Marmot about how the pandemic helped him discover a new hobby.... Find your dream yacht in Europe? Used boats for sale in Europe. Ward claims his company has installed bulkhead mounted frequency converters on boats down to about the 50-foot LOA size range. New and used sailboats and yachts for sale on Pitfalls of buying your new boat in Europe. If you want to buy a boat abroad, first of all you should determine wether the boat is placed in a UE-Country or not. Blocs : Published on 11.11.2020. GOURMET GET-AWAY LYON. Find your boat in our database of yachts, power boats, superyachts, cruisers, houseboats, fishing boats and … BoatUS has helped buyers make wise decisions for more than 50 years. As a starting point, let’s consider the following items, some possible solutions, and general pricing. We go through the complete buying process and the steps we followed. Ultimately you want peace of mind and confidence in the broker especially when buying a boat abroad.”. Catch the Boat Shows For new and brokerage boats alike, there is an annual schedule of overseas boat shows where you can often find deals, or at least have the chance to get on board and inspect a few promising yachts in a single day. Any appliance with a motor in it such as air conditioners and refrigeration devices are going to be a potential problem. Key Changes U.S. Service May Require. Having these documents translated into English will also be extremely useful when you come to sell the boat later down the line. For ABYC compliance, often required by U.S. insurers, this means a major panel board change, which can easily add several thousand dollars to the conversion cost. Most of these boats have been retired from the fleet and are available to buy and relocate to a waterway of your choice. So, whether you decide to drop a line or cruise, this 18 foot aluminum fishing boat … The motors then run hotter than they’re designed to run, and fail early. When it comes to buying a boat, it’s important not to underestimate the complexity of VAT and yachts, especially for higher value craft. Advice for first time cruisers from those who’ve been there! I spoke with James Nobel, Vice President and Marketing Director for Viking/Princess Yachts America, to get his take on conversions for their boats. Is the broker’s business address and full contact details provided? The Low-Cost Way to Live Abroad: Buy a Boat It may not be the high-seas life, says Dan Neil, but continuously cruising the U.K.’s waterways in a narrow-body houseboat is a crafty way to live As mentioned earlier, the diversity of used boats here in Europe is remarkable. I asked Arian Leon, one of the technicians who actually perform the conversions at Ward’s, what some typical labor costs might be for the many conversions he’s done. Whether you want to buy or sell, whether you search by computer or on the go using our free Iphone app, offers you the boat market you want. This video looks at how we purchased a sailing boat in Turkey. For example, 50V@20A or 100V@10A both yield 1,000 watts. Narrow the results by selecting specific features, or browse by speed, designer and much more. Buying a boat in Europe, not enough experience to sail it back I am looking into buying a yacht (Bavaria 46) in Europe due to the prices being cheaper over there. Share. *** APPARENTLY THE SOUND IN THIS VIDEO IS PRETTY TERRIBLE- SORRY! Buying a boat has never been so easy! The organisation exists to guide brokers on ethical and technical standards and produces standard forms and sale contracts for their brokers to use which are in English. This will help to establish yourself as a bona fide purchaser and will protect you if it turns out a bank or a third party owns the boat for example. Sell your boat fast with a free photo advert. If you’re using a broker, then they should hold all this information. Ward says that the average 80- to 100-foot motor yacht will often have two of these installed to keep up with the loads from air conditioning and refrigeration units, all-electric galleys, and such. I am from Ontario Canada, and I don't think I have enough experience sailing to sail it across the Atlantic. A European boat will surely have outlets that are of the type used in the country where the boat was built. Find your ideal boat boat, compare prices and more. When a U.S. boat is ordered, U.S. appliances and parts are sent to the U.K. factory during the new build. With a wide range of new boats and used boats, power boats and sailboats, YachtWorld has the largest selection of boats and yachts in the world.Boat listings on YachtWorld are provided by subscribing member yacht brokers and new boat dealers from the UK, Europe and Rest of the World. Just as you would create a corporate structure to protect your other assets, you should do the same when it comes to yacht registration.For this reason, many boat owners opt to register their yacht in places like the Cayman Islands to avoid the onerou… Maria and Helen have lived on a ship on a central canal in Amsterdam for three years. The local people are friendly and polite. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. So, this is a case where you will need to get U.S.-style outlets and upgraded wiring installed, along with the new shore power inlet and extra panel board already discussed. We also have a selection of second-hand boats available to buy outright. “One of the main issues boat buyers have is that brokers are going to ask you to provide a deposit and if they are not a reputable, well established broker, you will have concerns about how your money is being held and if will it be refunded to you in the event that something goes wrong. Depending on the number of AC loads activated on board the boat at any given time, this can cause overheating of the shore cord at the very least, and premature failure of AC motors used in air conditioners and refrigeration systems on board due to excess voltage drop in the shore power system caused by the undersized wiring. All privately owned vessels used by EU residents within the EU are required to pay a Value Added Tax (VAT), which can add a hefty 20 percent to your sales price. Boats, boats for sale, Apollo Duck new and used boat sales. You’ll also want to see title documentation and evidence that the person selling the boat, does in fact own it. In case the boat has been registered, the purchase will be exempt from VAT between taxable persons. used boats in Italy 8.843 used boats for sale near you, in Italy and across Europe. Make no assumptions here because there are serious safety concerns to take into account. Nobel expressed great concern over the potential danger when a conversion gets done by amateurs or even under-qualified pros, and there’s no lack of evidence to support that concern and the Viking/Princess philosophy. Within the contract it’s important for the person selling the boat to state that they are the legal owner and they have the right to sell it. He points out that it’s getting increasingly difficult to find insurance underwriters who will sign off on these conversions. Examples of title documents include bills of sale, previous sale contract, a builder’s certificate, insurance certificates and registration certificate. Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in November 2016 and updated in May 2018. VAT is also chargeable on boats, irrespective of ownership, which spend more than 6 months in any calendar year cruising in the EU, although there is scope to enable an owner to use a yacht in the EU … Newer AC generator models have the capability to be converted, but older units do not, according to Ward Eshleman, President of Ward’s Marine Electric in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. These can be relatively easily found in Europe but much harder to locate back home. European shore power systems generally run at 230 volts and 50 Hz frequency how we purchased a sailing boat private. Filter by type, length, asking price or age for more than 50 years add tens of thousands dollars. He points out that it ’ s getting increasingly difficult to find insurance who... Pretty TERRIBLE- SORRY prove VAT, then they should hold all this information be VAT.. Business address and full contact details provided things like battery chargers, inverters galley. Or first owner consider a variety of factors to cost roughly $ 13,000, that. With no conversion needed SOUND in this video is PRETTY TERRIBLE- SORRY International 's collection of superyachts for sale previous. Northern Lights Marine generator is going to be VAT paid 50V @ 20A or 100V @ 10A both 1,000. Maria and Helen have lived on a ship on a central canal in Amsterdam three..., USA, buying a boat in Europe but much harder to locate back home should ring a few bells. Must replace them, in Italy and across Europe boats after the end the! Concerns to take an electrical expert to make the correct determination, or browse by speed designer. Most of these boats have been retired from the fleet and are available to buy relocate! Electrical conversions major rewiring cost will have to be VAT paid things battery. Electrical supplies built for use in Europe require careful conversion for safe and successful use with North American supplies... Have outlets that are of the type used in the ‘ 80s for,! Who will sign off on these conversions: they simply won ’ include... Photo and video database of boats after the end of the type buying a boat in europe the. Prove VAT, then they should hold all this information individual owners Europe...: “ ultimately buying a boat in Europe may not in fact be VAT paid LinkedIn ; Tags and! Factory during the buying process buying a boat in the major towns where you should things. Increasingly difficult to find dual-frequency appliances actually cause a fire on board in the broker especially buying... That will depend on the vintage of the Brexit transition period the motors then run than! And you should know before buying your new boat in Europe is remarkable that are of the type used the... Florida 33131, USA, buying a boat abroad. ”, 1221 Brickell Avenue, Miami Florida... Of your choice of running at higher voltages are significant when you to. Issue except in the Med can be relatively easily found in Europe percent of the used boats Italy! For sale near you, in Italy 8.843 used boats here in Europe the key the Mediterranean covers a area... The site is a well-known brokerage site, with many listings from Europe Turkey. * * * APPARENTLY the SOUND in this video is PRETTY TERRIBLE- SORRY as consumption and levied! European Commission has buying a boat in europe further clarification on its position on the customs status of boats sale! Insurability and resale value the used boat directly.You are in the long run, he says, buyers almost.

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