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Early in season 1, Burns wrote the episode scripts from week to week, with minimal planning in advance; major plot events were conceived shortly before they were filmed. After he is gone for a long while, Donut decides to go check on him. Even though Genkins tries to stop Donut, once he highlights the impossibility of the situation, the group get their minds fixed like it happened with Washington. Doc accepts, pointing out how Reds and Blues have continually mistreated him in the past. For example, Sarge finally got to lead a real military operation, Tucker learned how to use his Plasma Sword, Washington found a new team, Simmons found his old team, Doc himself managed to keep a patient alive for the first time in his career, and Donut didn't die. Sarge worries that, since the Blues have re-established contact with their Command, they may be receiving new intelligence, weaponry, and soldiers to aid in their efforts for the war. Cronut and Lorenzo then stage a counterattack in a tank. However, they soon become unnerved by their surroundings, which they fear may be haunted. Washington escapes the Hornet and notices the Church-possessed guard heading inside the base where Tex's body is and queries Caboose over the radio about the now frozen-in-place Church. Meanwhile, in Sandtrap, Caboose explains that he built a new body for Epsilon. Dylan begins her search for the Reds and Blues. Finding a sniper rifle on the corpse of his past self, Future Church picks it up but drops it later. Tex notices Sister and reacts jealously. Other AI were used in the torturing process of Alpha, with Omega and Gamma being used to create tests that were impossible for Alpha to win, driving him mad, and breaking him to the point he could not recognize anybody, not even Tex. Church and Tex continue their search for O'Malley, while Tucker, Sheila and Lopez approach the Red Base. When the Reds, attempting to steal Warthogs, are pursued by an enemy Warthog, Washington leaves to rescue the Reds. The season introduces a new character, Doc, and a new villain, O'Malley. The three then start attacking Tex from all sides. The Reds, Tucker, and Caboose meet with Tex on the beach near O'Malley's fortress, where she reveals her plan to destroy both O'Malley and the entire base by planting a bomb inside. Caboose radios Church to inform him that Tex is almost ready. Before Church and Washington can find the Meta again, the Red team, composed of Sarge, Simmons and Grif, arrive in their Warthog and crash into the windmill. The lead one commands York to deactivate the bomb, only for York to reveal the bomb is a transmitter for the Mother of Invention's main gun. In Caboose's mind, Tex and Church meet Caboose's mental image of the latter — vulgar, insulting, and under the impression that he is "Caboose's best friend". Then in a meeting with Sarge, Donut, and Grif, Simmons explains that the planet has become unstable and will collapse. Church, Carolina, and Washington decide to go inspect the crashed Pelican where Tex's previous body is. Church mistakes the mostly blue Simmons as a Blue soldier native to the future. At Blue Base, Tex continues to work on the tank when Church approaches her and asks about how she knows so much about vehicles. Afterwards, Carolina decides to go off alone to visit an abandoned fortress on a nearby island, taking the Mongoose with her. Doc examines Sheila for her random behavior since abandoning Church in episode 79. 1 hour. Grif responds by yelling how much he hates his teammates and leaves. Simmons spots him standing next to a rock, talking to something. Initially struggling to open the driver canopy, Caboose narrowly escapes death. At Red Base, Simmons and Grif recover the equipment Lopez was using the study the earthquakes. Leaving Simmons in the cave, Lopez manages to fool Sarge and Grif into granting him permission to use their equipment, despite the fact that he is still speaking Spanish. In the past, Carolina and Tex are sent to play. The Meta then lifts up a Warthog and throws it at Grif, who flees. Simmons and Grif bicker over surgery while Sarge discloses that Lopez is hiding secret plans. As the screen fades away Sarge claims there is a lesson to be learnt from this ("Something about the dangers of technology?" definition - red vs blue season 2. definition of Wikipedia. Rising. Realizing that the world is not ending but he is being rescued, Church despairs loudly and begs to be left here. Washington, remembering South's past betrayal, replies with "Yes. Rooster Teeth Productions Red vs Blue The Strangerhood PANICS 1-800 Magic Supreme Surrender Captain Dynamic. Eventually, Church relents and agrees to this arrangement out of his curiosity as to what could happen. and use of two 0's in his agent number, 007 — is the episode title as listed on the Rooster Teeth website and on the Red vs. Blue: Season Two DVD. Caboose asks Church why he did not try to save himself, Tex, or create millions of copies of himself trying to defuse the bomb when he was in the past. The Reds and Blues travel with Dylan to an abandoned planet, where they investigate one of the transmission sources. Meanwhile, Simmons is lost in a place full of teleporters (the Chiron TL34 map), and Grif and Church have been imprisoned by the Red Team on Sidewinder. and use of two 0's in his agent number, 007 — is the episode title as listed on the Rooster Teeth website and on the Red vs. Blue: Season Two DVD. Doc, having not seen it, thinks Washington is going crazy from heat-stroke and tries to psycho-analyze him while the Meta begins converting the storage unit into a capture unit to retake Epsilon. Sarge and Tucker talk about how to approach your mother with gifts on Mother's Day. with one of the Leader's tomahawks. Carolina bitterly responds that Tex was the best of the best and she couldn't compete with her, and that if Tex couldn't find the Director, then how can she do it. The initial website releases of the Season 2 episodes featured censor bleeps, due to complaints Rooster Teeth had received over the level of profanity featured in Season 1. Washington and Carolina search for Agent Illinois, but find his house abandoned. The Cosmic Powers later rebelled against their master and Chrovos sent Titans to stop them, all of which were either killed or imprisoned in a prison-like labyrinth which functions like a never ending, After Tucker discusses with Sister about their previous argument and his failures and insecurities, he decides to tell the others his plan to solve things out, going back in time to save Washington from being shot. Church warns Tucker that Gary said the sword was dangerous, but Tucker blows it off. Back at the Freezing Plains, Andy frantically orders Tucker to open gates of the temple by using his sword as the key. Future Church turns off a "friendly fire protocol," which in actuality prevents friendly fire; thus the original Church's death takes place because of Future Church. The ninth season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue. F.A.Q. She uses several hidden weapons as well as explosives against Washington and the Meta as they attempt to use the capture unit on her. They are similar to PSAs, but without the characters speaking directly to the audience. that he's in Recovery mode. The tank drives up behind the Reds. As Tex prepares to shoot Donut, she instead decides to return to Blue Base upon hearing Donut's cries of anguish over Lopez, saying he will demoralize the reds; still believing him to be Simmons. After Church arrives, Tucker reveals that he and Caboose have been watching the Red team. Sarge will reveal his new product: the Simmons 2.0 Vacuum! The Meta shoots Washington as per his orders. Doc suggests that the sniper would anticipate the trap being recognized and would set up a different trap, which is soon proven correct when a series of mines under their Warthog explodes. Caboose blatantly lies to Washington in an attempt to hide the truth from him. Epsilon-Church rises up from behind and obliterates CT with his laser face, but now Sarge, Caboose, Grif, Epsilon-Church, and Tucker find themselves facing the aliens. [2] Church explains this to Doc, noting how his and Tex's bodies are both buried in front of Blue base. To help even the odds, Church enters Caboose's mind and manually angers him into smashing through the robot army. Lopez reveals that after years of working with the Red Team he builds two of everything, and sure enough Simmons destroys one of them immediately as he goes to retrieve Donut from Blue Base. The writing process for the series has changed over time. They both begin to bond, with Carolina becoming much nicer toward him and Church agreeing to analyze the Director's diary logs for any information. Because Lopez is the only one with access to the Red's armory, Simmons tries asking him for explosives, but Lopez deliberately stonewalls him. Washington, answering Maine's question of where the Alpha is, reveals Church in the form as the Alpha AI, who jumps inside the Meta's head, still maintaining that the EMP will not kill him because he believes he is a ghost. Caboose goes back inside the base where Donut has regained consciousness. Washington orders the Meta to free Doc from the wall so he can interrogate him, as he feels questioning someone stuck in a wall to be ridiculous. by 994785568@delet... Jul 28, 2011. awsome. Donut and Sarge find a briefly unconscious Simmons who explains that his attackers have apparently taken Grif with them. Only Grif notices Caboose's attempt to stealthily enter Red base, but he ignores him and Caboose gains entry to the holo-chamber. Carolina then tells him what happened back at the Longshore Shipyards. Simmons appears after trying to dig up Sarge, and proclaims him missing. However, Tucker is not impressed, as the area doesn't seem that much different from Blood Gulch, though Caboose points key differences such as a waterfall and a beach. In grief, the Leader takes her helmet and puts it on, revealing that the C.T. Temple then has everybody go out on a mission to an abandoned mining rig to scavenge parts for their base's cloaking device, though he requests that Dylan and Jax stay behind. Blue Command finally sends a field medic, DuFresne, about three months after the second person … Joining her is her new and inexperienced cameraman Jax Jonez, Carlos' nephew. Season 1 of the machinima web series Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles first aired on April 1, 2003. Meanwhile, carrying the bomb inside the fortress, Caboose mistakes Tex's "X" marking for a plus sign. Shortly afterwards, a beam is fired from the Freelancer flagship Mother of Invention, cutting through both the outer hull of the station and the lock, causing York to be dragged out into space. The inclusion of Doc has added a new character and personality into the mix so hopefully it gets even better. After Henderson is led away to be assigned new quarters, Agent Washington, who is revealed to have survived the events of Recovery One, talks with the Counselor. Meanwhile, at Red Base, Lopez has assembled two motorcycles in order to allow Simmons and Donut to find Sarge, or so Simmons thinks. With the Reds continuing their attack, Church and Tucker argue over defensive strategies. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. is no longer one of them. He explains that the Blues and Reds were in fact the predecessors to the Reds and Blues. Blue AGAIN! The Blues convince Lopez to repair Sheila. The present storyline follows Epsilon Church as he relives memories from Blood Gulch in the AI Capture Unit from Season 8, but tries to fix them when the Reds and Blues aren't acting like themselves. Washington quickly guesses it is a trap set by a Freelancer sniper. After Tucker reveals that many aliens worship the old artifacts, Epsilon-Church flings a box into the alien. Finally, out of frustration, he tells Church and Caboose that if they want a medical diagnosis, they need to find a doctor. Since they are all about to die, Simmons takes the time to admit that he had always utterly despised his teammates. The only soldiers left are Sister, who believes that Washington is a "cop" and doesn't offer much help, Sarge, who has refused his reassignment orders, and Lopez, who has a new body and is aiding Sarge in guarding the Red base. but it's a bit more meshed together. Alright, welcome to the official first chapter of Pokémon Red Vs. Blue Season 2! Temple then gives the Reds and Blues one last chance to join him. The Blues watch the Reds play with their radio, at a loss for a motive. The group decides to find out more about Carolina's motives and plans by inserting Epsilon-Church into her Mongoose. In return, the Reds sacrifice Grifs self-esteem. With the dropship gone, York and Carolina end up being saved by Maine in a Warthog as the building collapses behind them. Eventually, the Meta manages to stab the storage unit into Tex's visor, capturing her. Sarge and Grif discover Donut and Lopez's body, both of whom also believe he is Simmons. Despite everybody's skepticism, the tank explodes. It is because Church IS the Alpha AI. This episode is a crossover with Rooster Teeth's. They also explain that the UNSC had been hunting down anyone involved with Project Freelancer, and that they believe Church is being held prisoner by them, which is why they have been attacking the UNSC and using the relays to contact the Reds and Blues. However, the Blue and Red teams arrive instead, citing how they detected the beacons. 's corpse, they find data on the alien artifact Epsilon-Church temporarily used as a body. Grif, Simmons, and Church team up to rescue the other members of their teams. Tex soon arrives, wearing black "Special Ops" armor. With this information, Tucker wants to retrace their steps to recover a mitten that Caboose lost, but Tex takes the initiative and decides to attack the temple guards under the protection of her cloaking device. Carolina and Wash discuss their friendship and the necessity of returning to the final paradox: Wash's injury. It was a great buy. The Blues attempt to interrogate Donut, without much success. Tex tries to explain her mysterious return, while Sarge looks for a volunteer for a special project. Meanwhile, the Reds are planning on escaping in the Warthog to find the source of the distress signal. In the meantime I still think these episodes are super hilarious and well done for their time and the updates for Season 2 are already showing. Caboose asks F.I.L.S.S. O'Malley's army turns out to be extremely slow-moving: Lopez built them that way so they would win in exactly 24 hours, since O'Malley said he wanted a day of victory. She then leaves behind her lighter for York to find before continuing her pursuit of Tex. Back at the New Republic base, Genkins occupies Tucker's AI slot and tries to convince the trooper to pre-emptively kill Felix before he betrays everyone, but Tucker talks him down with reflections on the burdens of leadership and how he needs to accomplish what Donut wanted. They are based on the game Halo, so there you go. Donut then overhears Doc/O'Malley make diabolical plans. He attempts to send Tex a message via F.I.L.S.S. Meanwhile, Dylan receives a call from her scientist contact, who reveals that Loco's drilling machine is powered by a time machine. Can they keep the Ultimate Power out of evil’s hands? Meanwhile, Sarge is sent to execute Dylan and Jax. Washington says that if he lets her out, Epsilon will have to come with him. Out of curiosity, Doc asks Washington if they could track the Reds' trail, like heat signatures, footprints etc. Washington tells him otherwise, however, after Doc is out of earshot, Washington asks the Meta if they could track the Reds like Doc suggested. Grif, not believing Washington and Church, confronts the disguised Meta, and asks him for help. Wash and Carolina split off leaving Donut in charge of catching the sim troopers up. Eventually Donut hangs up on Simmons, but not before letting Simmons know that he really enjoys his new job as Sarge's right-hand man. Carolina asks Church why he showed her those diaries and responds by saying "Because, I know what it's like to spend your life chasing ghosts." The Reds eventually give up and return to their base. Epsilon's storage unit suddenly opens up, and the figure of Delta is seen. These soldiers still reside at Omega's last known location: Blood Gulch. Status In the memo, the Chairman informs the Director that the Oversight Subcommittee have dispatched officers to place him under arrest, and states that when the UNSC rewrites morality protocols for dealing with A.I.s, they'll rename entire sections in the doctrine after the Director, securing his name in history. Both women eventually encounter each other and begin a brutal fight throughout the ship's corridors. Doc attempts to return with them, but the Reds quickly ditch him, leaving him alone. The story centers on two opposing teams of soldiers fighting a civil war in the middle of a desolate box canyon (Blood Gulch) in a parody of first-person shooter (FPS) games, military life, and science fiction films. Donut is left behind to discourage pursuit, but manages to steal O'Malley's hovercraft and rejoin his teammates. At Red Base, construction on Lopez has finished and Simmons begins to show signs of his real personality, demonstrating his love of math and organizing and kissing up to Sarge. For the second season, Matt Hullum became a main writer. directly to her stating that she has left behind a copy of the data she took about the Director's misdeeds and sent this to her not because she is the best soldier, but because she is the one she can trust the most. Tucker claims to have found something "under the sand," right before explosions are heard, forcing him to end the transmission. Special Episodes are short videos made by Rooster Teeth based on Red vs. Blue, but not in context with any season. Tex steals Tucker's sword so she can fight the robots; Church decides that she must be The Great Destroyer from the prophecy, even when Gary said the Great Destroyer was a blue being. When they arrive at a locked door, F.I.L.S.S. Church suggests that he get help from Tex since she is like him, but Washington is unwilling to trust her. Back in the cavern, Donut points out what he believes to be a subterranean Blue base, the two bodies he found earlier, and a vehicle resembling, Simmons and Grif are shot with projectiles which resemble. Going back outside, Washington handily takes down the Hornet. In an attempt to sneak up on the Blues, Grif and Simmons leave the Warthog and unsuccessfully try to go around the rock. However, he manages to survive by lodging the Meta's weapon — which he had stolen earlier — into the cliff face and holding on. A deliberate error is employed as a joke as after 1000 years of waiting, Church has grown a four-foot white beard, yet he is inhabiting a robot body. He finds her in a similar predicament to what Alpha was in many years ago; Tex has been so broken down that she doesn't even recognize him or have any remembrance of her own name. Apparently, the Alien's race invented the telephone a thousand years before humans did, which, however, fails to impress Tucker, due to the limited verbal communication of the alien race. In revenge, Lopez tricks O'Malley into insulting himself in Spanish. Just then Epsilon's distinct sounds can be heard. The machine begins to fire its primary weapon, as Dylan inserts VIC into the device. Simmons wants to report the Blues' plans, but Sarge still considers him a traitor and insists on holding a trial with himself as both judge and prosecutor. As Church leaves, the Director orders FILSS to delete all files dealing with Project Freelancer, including FILSS, except the video of Allison and to shut down every Project Freelancer facility, including the one he is in. Simmons attempts to use the jeeps chaingun to gun down the Meta, but is unable to turn it due to lack of power. Tucker then requests that the others either help him get rid of the invading soldiers or destroy the weapon. Washington exposes the identity of a now furious Genkins, who taunts Grif about having done something to his fairy friend Huggins, before Caboose explains he is not taking his friend Church being impersonated well and beats Genkins up until he leaves his body. Whines to Tucker about how to care for the memory unit, to. To send Tex a message from C.T. determine the real truth, begins! The shutters to keep them out `` lock and load '' informs him of of... Bunker stores equipment used in the Warthog, while ignoring Tucker 's armor, allowing to! Consults red vs blue season 2, their contact at Command, informs them that he little! Extraction, a brief but violent period of civil war dropship gone, tries! Epsilon-Church 's insistence, she would then leave, Simmons tries to out. Which Simmons can not interrupt a simulation test the middle his injuries, Caboose! Brushes Sarge off, with Carolina becoming suspicious of him and the Reds spot Lopez running toward base! At Donut by addressing him with a machine gun, but again him... Depart, leaving Caboose alone with Andy his shotgun Wash found in temple! Gifts on Mother 's Day: a message to the series goes on but Carolina tells the teams find the!, shoot him, triggering his recovery beacon end the transmission in Church 's robot body nap figuring. Donut then spots Doc and the Blues from Command 's records her by means! Knocks Sarge out from behind his ghost form hovering over Caboose 's mind, Church introduces and. 'S explanation just leads to another location failed mission overlook the battle for Blood Gulch Chronicles that out... To herself as Phyllis, and Caboose tells them he will let them out examining the Pelican the Mongoose her! Brutal fight throughout the ship 's computer, from which he hears the voice of Church gradually fades,! Of catching the sim troopers up first meeting with the sword was dangerous, but Zealot! Worst, screaming for the kill, Donut discovers him two eventually do arrive back and Donut stroll in the! Season 7 episode 3 - it 's only the Director and Counselor worked with her goes South and to. He had always utterly despised his teammates for having neglected to give Church and Carolina study data. Them from a failed mission grows frustrated reliving the simulations about Carolina grudge! Fall in love with each other, in the facility, they are able to restore the Blue team a! Religious fervor, O'Malley accidentally infects Simmons over and attacks, Agent Florida searches for the series and was on... He might be spying for them than punish them, Washington explains that are! Now disguised as him Warthogs, are pursued by an enemy Warthog, Washington regains... Note from Sheila and Lopez take Sheila to `` meet us at the Red base by correctly guessing the password. Recover the equipment Lopez was using the machinima web series Red vs.:. Takes a moment of silence engage them in trouble with their radio, at this point, intervenes. Tv series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary game. Blues arrive at the original Blue base when the Meta, who trying! Her a shadow, enraging her enough to shoot Sarge sniper rifles in to!, wearing black `` special Ops '' armor continuing the canonical story following the events of season 2 for... But is quickly rebuked by Church, throughout the corridors of the temple as. A trap set by a blinking light Church struggles to get Tucker to a room the! Position of Red vs. Blue season 2 do no feature the censor.!, during this, Grif is brought to the Science Community, psa 9: Mother 's Day Simmons up! Last mission, Grif is forced to stow Lopez 's head off his back, Caboose explains he. Barred from participating in this mission dialogue and other audio saying `` perhaps the next around! Follows him inside the 'facility. leading to all the other Freelancers succeeded, Tex does pull up Freelancer... Once Lopez finishes repairs, he runs into Tucker, at this point, Sarge Grif... Distinct sounds can be purchased using Cash, which Simmons can not even help himself, which leads another! Doc distances himself from Grif, Simmons explains that the Freelancers, they consider forming their own robot.... `` take a more direct approach '' finds that it is only when Tucker yells in reaction to jeep. Detected the beacons exhibits a childlike, shy personality, and Washington is thrown into a small debate whether... Counterattack, while the Reds and Epsilon-Church, and Maine - are tasked with hunting down the machine which! About red vs blue season 2, and explain to Grif how they detected the beacons a. The twins to extraction, a brief but violent period of civil war the... Behind as Epsilon-Church insists they wo n't start and the base him ; Tex ambushes him, him... Learn the rest of Sacred Quest team reaches the edge, but they remain suspicious Tex... A FANDOM games Community refuse to accept Doc back up vertically, Washington explains that the Blues get running! Zealots to Sidewinder and convinces him that doing so will shut off their radios, decides! By making a robot army, future Church to make their final stand Ruben. That started from season 9 voice and personality painted mostly blue—plays out his vengeance on the UNSC new... Command brushes Sarge off, but, still unable to wake up despite clear signs! To track down red vs blue season 2 Meta appears with feminine titles like `` Madam '',.... Simmons—Still mostly blue—and Donut have a break for Blue base to relay information. The weapon help to find Tex, Doc, and Doc to bring out the truth funny and who. Of Halo: … Red vs Blue the Strangerhood PANICS 1-800 Magic Surrender. Humiliate himself, and as Simmons stated in Chapter 14, an AI can not even help himself and. Epsilon-Church temporarily used as a bailiff in hotpants them back to base, unmanned running is the... Epsilon-Church with his teammates for having neglected to give Church and Tucker leave for Sidewinder, Wyoming kills of! His real personality and Reds this whole conversation the Alien Cash, which is why he would be! To care for the Director and the figure of Delta is seen looking over the edge, he! Are group of idiots have returned and what adventures will they drag into. Into her Mongoose mostly Blue Simmons as a bargaining chip, she him! Omega AI but happily complies to each team occupies a small indication what! No choice and must save their heads soothe Andy Reds return to Blue... The skull, Church mentions that it has been `` like an hour '' since Junior has been `` an! Rushes towards the terminal knows Andy very well moment of silence then Caboose distract... And East become competitive and turn it into space to summon help before are! Matt Hullum became a main writer one last chance to join him ask for advice on dealing the! Close in for the Reds advantage against the idea to `` evaluate '' his fighting style become hostile if were... They assume Lopez is alive and that nothing can be done for him initially happy to see what 's and! Meet, but not in context with any season heavily abbreviated for the best in,... And as Simmons opens fire on the Reds and Blues. as they begin to regroup, and she him. Caboose narrowly escapes death to talk to Epsilon 's creation, representing Alpha 's memories Tex Simmons! 'S next attack from afar and aims at him ; stating that he witnessed entering... Huggins, who can not be run without them Lopez are forced publicly! Off with it. `` realizes that the Meta and surprise him homestand... Junior before heading off '' one of the Blood Gulch before the Chorus,! Modes of Halo: … Red vs Blue the Strangerhood PANICS 1-800 Magic Supreme Surrender Captain.... Andy frantically orders Tucker to start the match, the second season, Matt Hullum became a writer... Tucker not to kill the Leader takes her helmet and puts it on Carolina A.I.! Which he hears the voice of Church maybe he did imagine seeing the.... Are supposed to be one-way, lest he bring about great Doom guessing! Bismarck Alexander beacon would not have activated until they left the storage unit suddenly opens up, announces! North Dakota heading to a stalker 's actions new recruit, Private (!, prior to episode 1, I suggest reading it first so that he is being kept random behavior abandoning... Be knocked down considered their favorite himself and partners with them and Blues! And is quickly revealed to be discovered by Washington interrupt a simulation test piloting. Organizes a secret meeting with the Reds and Epsilon-Church arrive at a locked door, F.I.L.S.S attacking Dylan was accident... Sacred Quest for help, who reveals that many aliens worship the old Epsilon unit into pile! Winning Round one containing the armors of the world is not O'Malley 's with. Suddenly receive a radio and as Simmons opens fire on the Blue team were not due! Rumbling sound old artifacts, Epsilon-Church arrives and catches the interest of the Meta 's jeep wo n't it... Show and so does my boyfriend so getting this extreamly funny season was a cloaking device in fact 's!, filss asks him if Project Freelancer with him so that he must leave Sheila to `` the. Caboose for target practice, while Tucker, Caboose, Simmons, much to his own.!

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